Sue, I appreciate your speedy response and professionalism.

It’s been great working with you. Thank you.

With warmest regards,

Michelle Anton, former Oprah producer and Entrepreneur magazine


“I met Celia Sue Hecht at Mark Victor Hanson’s event in Atlanta in 2004, and hired her for editing and PR. She lives up to her claim of “writing/editing that i “I met Celia Sue Hecht at Mark Victor Hanson’s event in Atlanta in 2004, and hired her for editing and PR. She lives up to her claim of “writing/editing that improves your bottom line.” Sue was instrumental in helping me write and publish 2 books and establish Les Schmidt Consulting.”   Les Schmidt


Celia Sue Hecht is a creative and informative writer. She has written the copy to many of our magazine advertisements, press releases as well as the copy for an office cookbook.

I would highly recommend CeliaSue for any and all types of writing assignments.


Judy Shallenberger

Clinical Director of the Nevada Center of Alternative and Anti Aging Medicine



drharvey Dr. Harvey suemagic You’re the best CS!


“Animal Advocate, Blog-aholic, “Honest” Product Commentator / Reviewer, Author, Poet, Communicator, Listener, CiCi’s Guardian Extraordinaire, Liaison, Traveler Guide, FOODie for Human & DOGs, Political Expressionist, Good Person, Earth Guardian, Health Advocate, WordSmith, Humorist, and Friend.

A Voice People Listen To” July 6, 2012

1st Stephen Hauer, Healthy GOO Co-Principal / Drop Your Allergies Principal, Healthy GOO .com & Drop Your Allergies .com
worked with Celia Sue at CeliaSue Ink


“I have never been a great writer, so I turn to professionals like Celia Sue to say everything that I can’t seem to. I have worked with many writers, however, I prefer Celia because she is very passionate about what she does and finishes a project prior to deadline.” June 25, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

1st Chris Ward

Sue wrote several pieces about animals at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary during the time she worked there. They were engaging and professionally written, and helped animals to be adopted.” June 24, 2012

1st Michael Mountain, President/Founder, Best Friends Animal Society
worked with Celia Sue at Best Friends Animal Society

See what companies are saying about us:





Thank you so much for review our product and blogging about it also.

I have read your blog and would like to link it to our website under our friends section and on our facebook page.

I have to say that I have been reading your blog and really enjoy it.

Thank you again,

Clint, EarthNaturals


Greetings Celia Sue,

All I can say is WOW. Thank you so much for your incredibly generous and thoughtful blog on our treats and our philosophy. It is so cool to have someone really get it, and to help us spread the word. I am running out right now, but I just wanted to be sure to acknowledge your graciousness today in a timely manner…

Anthony Bennie

Clear Conscience



      Write prmatchmaker at yahoo.com or Call 702-225-8206

You write beautifully! Thank you so much for your support!



Appreciate your wisdom and wit on this.

thanks, Rene


CELIASUE!! You’re the master of resource information!! You truly leave NO stone unturned, thank you so much, PM


Blogger Extraordinaire! 

Celiasue Hecht is a wonderful writer with two fantastic blogs, 

Janine Franceschi, President, PAW


CeliaSue, You are incredibly talented. We need voices like yours speaking for Our Dogs. So many have the heart, but not the words, and you have both. There is a fire in you that believes passionately, and loves without reservation, this coupled with a gift that can educate and soften a hard heart may be that thing that can save “Our Dogs”. Thank you for all you do, your spirit is contagious.

Adrienne Clegg



Freelance writer, journalist, blogger, ghostwriter and book editor… a writer for you

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