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List of New York Times reporters/editors on twitter you can follow…


Follow John Kremer’s Book marketing tweets and you can get a lot of worthwhile info including editors and publications who do book reviews on various topics such as these:

Bon Appetit Magazine – editors and columnists – http://magagenie.com/bon-appetit-magazine

ESPN the Magazine – sports editors and columnists – http://magagenie.com/espn-the-magazine

Executive Travel Magazine – editors and contributing editors – http://magagenie.com/executive-travel-magazine

Forbes Magazine – editors and columnists – http://magagenie.com/forbes-magazine

IDEA Fitness Journal – health, fitness, and wellness editors – http://magagenie.com/idea-fitness-journal

Internet Retailer Magazine – Internet marketing magazine – http://magagenie.com/internet-retailer-magazine

Organic Gardening Magazine – editors and contributing editors – http://magagenie.com/organic-gardening-magazine

Outside Magazine – editors and book reviewers – http://magagenie.com/outside-magazine

Vogue Magazine – editors and columnists updated – http://magagenie.com/vogue-magazine

Wild West Magazine – history editors and history book reviewers – http://magagenie.com/wild-west-magazine

Wired Magazine – editors and online writers – http://magagenie.com/wired-magazine

The above are just some of the tweets John sent out during the past month.

Follow his tweets at http://twitter.com/johnkremer

if you have a book, here are four tips Kremer suggests you follow to promote your book:

Here are the top four book promotion activities you can engage in to sell more books in today’s world . . .

1. Speak. Speaking builds a word-of-mouth army better than anything else. Speak locally – at garden clubs, libraries, bookstores, Rotary clubs, JCs, poetry nights, story swaps, book club meetings, etc. Then expand out to a wider area, to nearby cities, to nearby states. Eventually, expand out to an even wider audience.

When someone hears you speak, they become a bigger fan than if they had just read your book. If they like you when they hear you speak, they will tell ten times more people than by just reading your book.

2. Book yourself on national TV. TV is still the largest mass market media. It still reaches more people than any other media – and with more impact. It’s worth spending the time contacting the ten or twenty news and talk shows that reach your audience. For most national TV shows, you can get the contact information in one of two ways: 1. from their websites, and 2. via your network of friends and fellow authors.

Your appearance on one major TV show will not only expose you to millions of viewers, but it also opens the door to dozens and sometimes hundreds of other media: newspapers, magazines, radio, more TV shows, etc.

3. Create relationships with high-traffic websites. How many major high-traffic websites that attract your target reader have you created relationships with? Are these real relationships where you contribute content to them on a regular basis? In today’s world, Internet relationships are the key to marketing success.

Uncover five to ten top websites that already reach the audience you want to reach. Look over their sites until you find a way to contact someone behind the site – a webmaster, an editor, the founder. Then email them with an offer of free content for their readers: an interview with you, a review copy of your book, a free article (that is really good), some tips for their readers, a Q&A column on your specialty, etc. Their obligation, in return, is to link to your website or sales page.

4. Do a Superstar Blog Tour. Or a Mega Blog Tour. Or a Blogpalooza. I’m not talking about the old-style humdrum virtual book tour of 15 or 20 blogs. I’m talking about an event blog tour that creates Internet buzz on a major scale. Event blog tours can build brands, create incredible website traffic, and sell tons of books.

In addition, Outskirts Press offers these five ways to promote your books for the holiday season…