Q: How much do you charge?

A: Depending on the project or assignment, I usually charge by  by the hour or on a project basis with a contract price. I also offer affordable monthly packages. Every client, project and budget is different.  Once I know specifics about you and your project, your budget and your time frame, I can give you an accurate (obligation-free) quote. And we can negotiate…

Q: You say you don’t work without a contract. What does that commit me to do?

A:  A contract protects both of us. A contract puts in writing what we have agreed to do verbally before I start working and before you invest your project in me.  I’ll send you a proposal to begin with, after we have a discussion. Then I will send you a standard agreement that covers: a precise definition of the work, the payment terms, ownership of the final copy, credit, dates and times, termination/kill fees, limits of liability, my byline and  I’m happy to negotiate any aspect of our contract.

Other questions? Send me an email or give me a call today at 702-225-8206

Freelance writer, journalist, blogger, ghostwriter and book editor… a writer for you

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