Why Hire a Freelancer for your Projects?

You: Why should I hire a freelance writer or editor?

Me: Because I’ll help you talk turkey with your customers.

You: I have a website and sales people to do that.

Me: Yes, but your clients want to feel special. They need a hug, a smile, a personal connection. To feel as though you REALLY know and understand them.

You: Say what?

Me: They want to feel as though you REALLY care and understand them. As if you are having a real conversation. People like to connect with authentic people.

You: How do I do that?

Me: That’s where I help you develop your relationships. You already have expertise. And I help you translate that knowledge to your customers in words they can understand. There are lots of ways you can talk to them — on your website, through Facebook or Twitter, with newsletters, blog posts, brochures, sales letters…

You: Ok. But I’ve got a great team working for me. Why would I want to pay an outsider?

Me: Because you can call on me only when you need me, you don’t pay for staff benefits. You don’t pay for my time when I’m not working directly for you.

You: Oh …

Me: Also, working with a professional writer makes your life easier. You can relax knowing that your project is being handled by a professional who is doing the heavy lifting.  I write till the words speak to you and your clients. Check out my portfolio.

You: Well, that sounds good, but I like to keep work in house.

Me: Except that sometimes an outsider’s perspective is important for a fresh perspective. You know if you have ever proofread copy a zillion times, the words do not even make any sense anymore at some point.

You: Hmmn, I see your point. But how do I know you won’t leave me high and dry?

Me: Before I write or edit a single word, we have both signed a contract that protects each of us.

You: Good. How much do you charge?

Me: Tell me what you need and then let’s talk. Here are some general guidelines.

You: Wait. Am I really paying for someone to slack off at home in their pj’s?

Me: No, you are not paying me for staring off into space and/or googling, facebooking or playing solitaire. I am focused on your project. Most days, I get my work clothes on before I start work. Honest.

You: Oh, okay. You’ve convinced me. How do I get started?

Me: Give me a call and let’s chat.


ModusOperandi aka How we roll:  

  • Free consultation to evaluate your project and/or business.
  • Proposal is written and agreed upon.
  • Project copy is written, edited, proofread and/or composed according to the proposal specifications.
  • Delivery is according to schedule outlined in proposal.

Price. Cost effective and Budget friendly.

CeliaSue is a seasoned freelance writer, editor, journalist and PR consultant with a B.A. in Communications and Education combined with years of experience in the health care, non-profit, financial services, and travel/hospitality industries, plus coordination, writing, promotion and designing workshops, classes, events and seminars as well as book promotion .


Recent Projects Include:

 Freelance Writer/Editor (newspaper and magazine articles, blogs, memoirs, ebooks, cookbook, and press releases)

Director of PR (PR firm, authors, seminar and teleseminar and health care professionals)

Writer/Newsletter Editor (Grassroots environmental organization)

PR Manager (Global financial services and seminar company)

Writing Tutor (ESL and other students)




Freelance writer, journalist, blogger, ghostwriter and book editor… a writer for you

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