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New E-Book for Creative and Entrepreneurial Go-Getters of All Ages Features 50 + WAYS TO OBTAIN COLD HARD CASH EVEN IN A DOWN ECONOMY

SEASIDE, CA, October 27 2010, Recession-proof your life with 50+ tips and techniques to obtain cash. Well, you could go out and rob a bank but this e-guide titled 50 + WAYS TO GET COLD HARD CASH INTO YOUR WALLET will show you legal ways to obtain cash over time. Author CeliaSue Hecht is a professional writer, editor, and PR consultant, over 50 ( who has worked for others (jobs) and freelanced for 25+ years. She has assisted best-selling authors and wannabes in getting published in difficult and good times.

Hecht says, “You could go sit by the freeway with your cardboard sign or ask your friends, relatives and neighbors to lend you some cash. Or you could max out your credit cards or get a payday loan and pay exorbitant interest. But this e-guide offers time tested and street savvy little known information that has been done by real live folks and is more creative and entrepreneurial in nature. Provided are real resources so that go-getters can literally read something and instantly or almost immediately go and get cash.”

Sounds too good to be true. But while most of the tips aren’t usually thought of in terms of making money, some can be quick fixes (a dozen quick and dirty tips) and others are longer term strategies for making money.

“One person claimed $600 in a few minutes. Another had several forgotten about cash sitting around that they were able to collect. In this economy, people are constantly stressed out about money and assume they lack enough cash. But part of the problem is their attitude of scarcity and fear.

“This e-guide does not delve into deeper personal issues and does not replace the role of a therapist or coach although financial counseling is suggested and recommended, depending upon a person’s circumstances.

Most of the tips can be implemented by anyone anywhere, but a few depend upon location. For instance, larger cities with tourist economies offer timeshare presentations and lure visitors with cash and gifts. Places like Las Vegas, Orlando, Palm Springs and other cities offer these incentives. But most of the tips can be implemented online or close to home. All that is required is a little can do American spirit and ingenuity.

Some readers may be motivated to start a business or obtain a dream job. Bad economic times can become springboards for going out and getting a career you love. It’s a matter of making lemonade out of lemons. Creating opportunities rather than surrendering to adversity.

As Hecht describes each idea and gives specific resources such as links to websites, readers will be able to take advantage of many of the tips instantly.

Readers will learn little known techniques tailored to specific ideas, including tips that will help folks save money on mortgages, food, and other basics, with links to numerous mommy bloggers.  One tip is on

Starting a Foot Licking Home Business (with dogs) using humor to lighten the mood. Hecht explains, “People take money way too seriously. Lighten up and have fun. Humor can be profitable.”

While there are many books providing financial advice, Hecht’s gives new – and much broader – meaning to the term “cash flow,” demonstrating that a creative, entrepreneurial go-getter’s insider knowledge constitutes precious currency in a world searching for the next best young geek’s inventions.

You don’t need to have any specific expertise to access these techniques and information. You do have to be willing to put aside doubts, a little pride, in some cases, and/or a know it all and doom and gloom attitude.


CeliaSue Hecht


CeliaSue Hecht has written 200+ press releases which appear on the Internet and in various print newspapers.


Below are samples created for clients, results for clients and those used to promote CeliaSue’s writing business.

Plus, CeliaSue has written hundreds of articles for 40+ publications including Auburn Journal, Boca Daily News, Reno Gazette Journal, Napa News, Nevada Appeal, Bay Woof and many others.

(see media coverage/credits page)

Compassion sends book to top ten on amazon

Ring in the New Year

Placetile Designs

Placetile Designs Maya Menutile was featured in the December 2007 issue of the Family Magazine section “jolly good fun” by Lucy Banta.

Country Home Ideas: Vol 6 No 12

Country Home  The “Wish List” section of Country Home Ideas featured PlaceTile Designs and said: The write place

Personalized with a dry-erase or permanent marker that washes off in the dishwasher, it was love at first site for these elegant ceramic place tiles.

Your Life! (Winter, 2007-2008)

Yourlife Your Life!

featured The Pashmina Store and Placetile Designs!

Pashmina’s Burgundy Wrap was headlined in the Woman’s Guide Boughs of Pleasure and Placetile’s Bottle stopper was headlined in the Food and Entertainment section.

Linda Hecht’s organizer was

featured in online at 

July/August 2008 issue…

and Fashionable Housewife

Pashmina Store
The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Sunday edition ran a feature in Fashion named “THINK PINK” Support Breast Cancer research in October 2007 with specialty fashion items or year round.

Jordann’s Positive Apparel
Las Vegas Review Journal Style section 2008
Fashionable Housewife

Wandering Star zodiac jewelry
MOM Magazine: January/Febuary 2008 

Mom magazine did an article titled “motherhood in the stars” featuring Wandering Star Designs and the creator Alicia Katz.

Hue Webcam
Arkansas Democrat

Pet biz press 

You’ve got the power 

April fool’s

Deck the halls with bones and catnip

Savvy pack leaders Give Their Doggie Biz

Massage biz university


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