Blasting Off

If you had a billion dollars or two

or even a few trillion in cash to spare

would you buy a country or a few islands

or a planet or maybe four

would you purchase a few senators or

representatives, a presidential candidate


would you send the money to the Caymans

and set up a few bank accounts in Switzerland?

Spend a few measly million bucks on lobbyists

invest some coin on war and pollution

buy real estate on Mars and Venus

pay a percentage to a few churches or charities

so that the people could not say you are greedy or

have no conscience

or to pretend you are not guilty

of inflicting harm

then, before you make sure that the

end of democracy happens and the world

as we know it ends

buy an underground bunker

or a few nuclear safehouses

or a secret nuclear proof mountain in western Virginia


where the elite can hide in relative safety

from the huddled masses

Would you send hush money to the media

bribe FEMA and Homeland Security

to keep your plans classified

If someone gave me a few million dollars

I would buy a house and a car

and some land to grow food

house other people, feed children and

take care of animals

I could make a difference

write books and tell the world

do seminars and workshops

and teach others how to love one another

I would start a foundation, a non-profit

for starving artists and writers

help sick women with children

and dogs and cats who have nowhere to go

Maybe you would spend all your money on drugs

or beer and wine and chocolate and

would tell the world to go to hell in a hand basket

Some hippie type people might create Heaven on earth

with organic gardens

and share healthy food

and build healing centers and spas

or get a Ph.D or invent free energy miracles

to power the world

If I could STOP the racist, sexist, homophobic

millionaires and billionaires from

filling the world with toxic waste and hatred

I’d gladly fill the sky with a prevention shield

where a person’s resonance boomerangs back

onto themselves

If a millionaire or billionaire wants to self-destruct

without causing others pain

they can

If you had a million or billion dollars burning

a hole in your pocket

would you heal the sick, feed the hungry

like Jesus or buy cars, houses, and food

for everyone like Oprah?

You could buy houses and cool computers

cell phones and take a cruise around the world

or hoard the cash under your mattress.

If somebody gave me a million dollars

maybe I’d fill the world with screams

and if were really mad, maybe I’d explode an  uninhabited

island or two

if I were sad or afraid or enraged, I’d find a way

to justify my actions

When I was a child and life seemed unfair

I wanted to hurt somebody

like they’d hurt me.

I’d smash the girls who made fun of me

in the school yard

I’d kick the boys who teased me

and get them in trouble

I’d terrorize the bullies and

put all the abusers and rapists in jail

If I were president and had a kill list

I’d be tempted to put the billionaires and

millionaires who were spending their money

in order to get me fired

onto that list

A Secret List

a Bucket List

I’d get rid of them one by one

as a public service

for the common good

I’d send all the guilty parties to Gitmo or

another secret jail in another country

I’d make sure they got what they deserved

for destroying the economy

or put them on a space ship to Hell

I’d blast them off to somewhere

so they could no longer harm anyone

and take all their money

and use it for the common good

I’d build bridges and roads

high speed trains

and new schools

I’d fill the country with Hope and


and make things Right again.

I’d pass laws for equality and justice

for ALL…

Fair Pay Acts


Marriage Equality


Health Care with a Public Option

Medicare for All

I’d raise the Minimum Wage

and give Parents Paid Leave

for when they have a child

I’d invest in children and

divvy up the money

so that EVERY American

had a Home, a Job, a Car, and Food

I’d expand the Middle Class

and create a Department of Peace

I’d end military spending

repeal the NRA, NDAA

and all of the anti-women laws

I’d close down all the nuclear power plants

and stop mining coal

I’d outlaw Fast Foods and toxic drugs

and greed

No more corporate welfare queens subsidies

I’d close down Monsanto and Burn up all

the Franken Food and Seeds

I’d outlaw Factory Farming

Regulate Wall Street bankers and

make sure all the people are safe

from ALL harm

I’d hire advisors and lawyers

and get the money out of politics

If you could have a blast with a million

or a billion or a trillion dollars

maybe you could become president

or Queen of the World


we could rule together

with the people

stand with our heads held high

and shoulder to shoulder

brothers and sisters

embracing the world

and giving our best to the planet

harvesting the lands

loving the animals

Dreaming thousands of Dreams

Anointed by Angels

Performing Miracles of Love, Joy and


Living Enchanted Lives of Wonder

and Vision and Beauty

Our Love Shining all over the Planet

and No More Worries over Money

with everyone safe, healthy and loved and happy

Just like Star Trek… we’d be Free to Explore

the Universe

and Go where No One has Gone Before

Bursting Ecstatic Love and Harmony

Blasting Off to Worlds Known and Unknown

Free to Love

Free to Laugh

Free to Be

You and Me



Safety and Securitye

she was from red hook or

she was from red hook or


violent neighborhoods

in brooklyn

where people get shot

and killed on a regular basis

drug addicts and drunks and gangs

fight to survive

a place my parents would

never let me visit like Harlem

or Canarsie or the Bronx

we worked together at

Met Life

in the city

near 23rd Street and Lex

her name was Barbara

and she had a friend named


she was just the right

shade of sarcastic

mixed with irony

she called everyone


so I thought she was cool

one time we decided to go out

to a bar on a Friday night

I lived in white bread

Bayside, Queens

we met in New Hyde Park

she took the train

and did not have to drive over

the 59th Street Bridge

She ordered rum and coke

and Seven and seven’s

all I knew about drinks

were Shirley Temples

and Virgin Mary’s

Two guys came along

and slipped us


Singapore slings

hoping for an easy score

afterwards we took a bus back to

Queens and Barb lost her cool

as we walked back to my home

after midnight

everything was dark and quiet

and she did not know what to make of it

she was used to noise and gun shots

and people tossing

vile names at one another

Barb was terrified of the silence

and perverts that lurked in the shadows

I told her about the Peeping Toms

and boogie men on the bicycle path

Springfield Boulevard hoods

Creedmoor nuts and Alley Pond Pee Park

we ran all the way back to my home

and I learned that darkness and silence

is not the same for everyone

Safety is what we’re used to

familiar surroundings and comforting sounds

Some people are afraid during the day

seeing the pigeons and bag ladies

littering Madison Square Park

others feed the birds and the women

and find solace

Safety is what you perceive

it to be

and no matter how many wars

nor how much money

or any amount of precautions

if you believe gay people, homeless, women, dogs

poor people, black people, green folks

are scary

all you have to do is change your mind

but then it is a choice

and you have to want to change

and you might not want to

perhaps you’d rather spend a billion dollars

and try to control the world

but ultimately in the end

you will have to face your fears

or whatever your particular boogey man

ultimately will show up and defeat you

Bogus by CS Hecht

Lies are so much more

Than words

There are nuances

And evasions

Omissions and Secrets

That leave big dark holes

on hearts and souls

In their wake

Misunderstandings are

Well-bred toddlers

With manners 

Wee ones who curtsy and

Sport silvery spoons from mouths

They are tricksters, cons, and swindlers

Who teach delusions and illusions

And fantasies that they were taught 

It may be politically correct

To deceive

But how can you ever trust

Anyone who pussyfoots

And skirts Around?

Some people like to

Dance and boogey 

all over the floor

But for me that’s

Best left to the likes of

Fred and Ginger

Jlo and Ben

Ellen and her guests

I used to like the pretty colored ponies

Painted on the carousel

But when I grew up and

Found that they could not really ride

Nor take me where I wanted to go

I got off the merry go round

To me 

You used to be very different

From the rest of the herd

I admired your honesty

Integrity and


You were an extremely rare

Form of human like an 

Endangered Species 

Or a tulip or orchid 

You did not disappoint

Did not deliver less

Than agreed upon

You always gave more

Satisfaction and Dreams

Than anyone

Ever could have bargained for

Now you seem to have

fallen off the pony

and become just 

a little too ordinary

like the rest of the counterfeit artists

and used car salesmen

that you now seem to

hang with

They say that birds of a feather

often defrock together

But I never thought that 

YOU would

choose liars, cheats 

phonies and hypocrites

as your better friends

But maybe this is all one big


a silly practical cosmic joke

on me

One day I will wake up


when I get the joke

but for now

it feels like the end of the world

You were never going to

take his side again

we had rules to abide by

and for the last few years

you seemed to be someone

I have now found you are not

I always suspected that you

Barely tolerated me

Never really liked me

So where does this leave me?

What do I do? 

How do I go on without you?

It is one thing for him to have


And another thing for her

Neither of them trustworthy

But you, you two are the ones

I counted on

To always tell me the truth

Even when it hurt

That’s how you made me

laugh and cry all at the same time

It’s not kind 

Not loving

Not in any way

Honest to lie

No matter how you twist it

Hide it in a closet or under a bush

Sweep it under a shag carpet

Take it for a ride in the countryside

Hammer it home

Brush it, boil it, and bake it

Fry it, nuke it, ice and shred it

Whistle, hum or tune it 

Take it to jail

Take it to Ohio

Take it to Switzerland

Take it to the UN

Take it to the Middle East

Take it to a beauty parlor

For a wax, a cut, a manicure and a dye job

A lie will never become the truth

no matter how many times

you ignore it or

tell it, or everyone that is anybody

speaks it out loud

dust if off and

show it proud to company

take it on the tube

spin it until you’re dizzy

spin it with fervor and 

feverish delight

spin it whirling peevishly

spin it like it’s never been

spun before 

A lie is a lie is a lie

just as surely as a rose is a rose

is a rose

Water is wet and

rocks are hard

And sometimes bad things

happen to good people

Too many times adults

think it’s the right proper correct

thing to do

to pull the wool 

over children’s eyes 

just a tiny fun little white one about

Santa, the Easter bunny, or Elijah

but the kids always find out

they always come to know

and deep down inside

they die

from the lies 

they’ve been told

by shirking shifty-eyed adults

Fudging to save their own lies

The lies we live 

are miserable little mirages

and it is good to wake up

and smell the truth

rather than live lies in

quiet desperation

in dark caves of decayed rotten

spoiled cracks and crevices

It is much too easy 

to fall of the mountain

don’t have to build it

with faux boulders and stones

that melt and smell in the sunlight

Leaving us stranded

crushed like breached whales

on the sand of our own


It is good and proper 

and right to speak out

in a loud voice

and say what everyone else

is thinking 

That’s what heroes and heroines

do and exactly what I expected 

from you

Fairytales may not always come true

But you taught me that they could

Happen to me

You showed me how

And showed me the way

Now what do I do with you? 

It may be true that

Whose ‘Truth’ Is the True TRUTH

And so I am left pondering 

The truths I know and the truths I 

Suspect are true and some I hope are still

True about you. 

The last 30 years can they all be based upon lies?

That is unfathomably too hard to consider… 

So I agree to disagree, I think you are sincere

But I still wish you were true blue forever


An Ode to Love Between the Rocks:
Mosaic of a Marriage

I saved my love

In precious jars

As marbles tempered by

moonless caverns.

We had a field day.

But soon I learned

you just can’t win

An argument

With a mountain.

Forged in sinewy sand

Our desert mirage

echoes our names



Judged and juried by

Gorgeous gorges

Bellowing fortresses and

Majestic deliverances.

My cold hot hard jagged memories

border the ancient landscape,

our horizon of hope.

Greeting me like

long lost friends

multi-faceted crystals

saturated stones

launched our Love made fragile

upon the craggy rocks

of tenderness.

Pity the pale sweet pebbles

Cast as love strewn crumbs along

Hansel & Gretel’s path

We never had a honeymoon

So someone suggested

Death Valley.

In lieu of bliss

we hurled epithets

at rainbow colored

granite peaks.

But beneath the arches

of Fire Canyon’s

white, red and orange sandstone

we surrendered to the

deep velvet green

of the distant


This Valley of Fire

Ignited our passion

Pleasured moments

flickered then lept


the heat of each

steaming boulder

languishing in the

stifling sun.

Tucking love

Between cracks, crevices and canyons

Our own private wailing wall

prayers of mercy

softened our fall.

One anniversary surprise

tickets to fly over the Grand Canyon

led to a confession of

flight terror

shrieking of cliffs

we swaggered instead

over Lake Mead

and cruised across

its stony embankment.

Camping overnight at Red Rock

disclosed the

many-sided moons

of our encumbrance.

Bedding down for the night.

We finally found a certified campsite

and slept among stars.

Dawn found us playing

hide and seek with rabbits

underneath the sun’s purple pink orange

yellow white enchanted lazy shadow waltzing across the rocks.

A Friend I Thought I Knew

in the middle of nowhere


or the middle of the night

you wake me up

to take you out

we walk underneath starlight

cascading twinkles overhead

blooming moon

makes me think of

wolves harboring sinewy clouds

birds wondering aloud, whispering

how will we make it until morning?

Do the plants know it’s nighttime

darkness laughs

and winter’s frosty ice crystals are

skating upon the blades of grass

shady shadows lurk amongst

the trees like Sherlock Holmes

offering a clue

to how we will make it through

this night…

you are in doggy dreamland


me in my purple hazy bed

of my own making…

will I ever get back to sleep

and wake up in the morning

to something new and true

and blue?

I lost something

I know it is in my pocket

but don’t know where to find it

and my soul aches

at the thought of

a key

a clue

a jewel

a friend I thought I knew

where are you tonight…

are you wondering,

awake and dreaming, too?

3 am and all is well…

well, sort of… to be factually accurate

it’s now 6:06 am and it was

3:30 am when I came up with the line

but decided to go back to sleep instead

but now that the dog has woken me up

twice since then

and i still managed to fall back to sleep

and you were in my dream

how do yo do that?

you were there asking me if i had written down

all that i did

about the rent?

about the work?’

about i don’t know what

but i think it was about the miracle

that is about to come

you were there being an editor

or being a boss or just being you

and why am i surprised then?

i just wrote another poem about you

my puzzling friend…

the dog is now fighting with her blankets

her doggy dance

tangling herself up in her tether

bumping against the dresser

of course she could move away

but what would be the fun

she would have nothing to bump up against

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