Hey Gorgeous

You may want to Kiss other Writers Good-bye

There is a saying if something sounds too good to be true, it generally is…

You are simply NOT going to Make a Million Dollars Overnight just because some salesperson, writer or Marketer tells you that you will if you follow their handy dandy program, read their book, buy their Kool Aid.

So give yourself a BIG Hug and Take a Deep Breath…

Dreams CAN Come True…  just usually NOT Overnight…

The Top Ten reasons to call CeliaSue Hecht, today:

10.) Chat via phone/email. We meet on a regular basis by appointment only. No dodgy odors emanating from my desk in your work place. No playing video poker and posting strange items on Facebook and Twitter, I am on cyberspace not invading your office space.

9.) I’m budget friendly. When I am not working for you, you don’t have to pay me. We have a contract that outlines what you are to pay me for and when. No overhead, benefits, paid time off, or corporate meetings, classes or trainings. I am not cheap nor free but provide ROI and occasionally chocolate or dog treats.

8.) No Hassles. Call me up, email me, ask questions. And if you want to meet, let me know.

7.) Have manners, will travel. I work with creative geniuses, professionals, authors and entrepreneurs. I’m friendly, personable and dog and cat friendly.

6.) Social Media is my bread and butter. If you Facebook, Twitter, blog, Pinterest or not, I can assist you in getting Up to Speed on the Internet.

5.) Boring copy puts people to sleep. It is not my job to play Rockabye baby. As a journalist, editor, PR Specialist and Blogger, I write for print media (newspapers and magazines), online, been published in 40+ publications and written hundreds of press releases, newsletters and blog posts.  Surely, I can get your job done on time and budget. And if not, I will likely be able to refer you to someone who can.

4.) I’ve never met a deadline I did not keep. I don’t have to wait for a blue moon or muse in order to write. Creativity is ongoing.

3.) Finders Keepers. I am self-taught and curiouser and curiouser. I know how to find things, do due diligence and research. What a wonderful world we live in.

2.) Don’t hone alone. Want to focus on a particular market. Boomers? Tweens? Women professionals? Seniors? Gay parents?  Pet owners?  Let me help you speak the language of your market.

1.) Be my Top Priority.

*Extra Bonus Reason to Call Today

Call now for a free, fifteen-minute phone consultation at 702-225-8206



Freelance writer, journalist, blogger, ghostwriter and book editor… a writer for you

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