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Writing Content and Words that Matter and Make a Difference to a company’s bottomline.  In this hands-on invaluable presentation, CeliaSue Hecht explores the best ways to promote a small to medium-sized business through Social Media, including Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and newspapers and magazines as well as how to create a Successful Blog on WordPress, the difference and; provides an overview of the WordPress administrative dashboard area; discusses the difference between Posts and Pages, shares how to transform and  customize the look and feel of the blog throughTemplates/Themes, Widgets, Headers and gives examples and samples of how to write content for this Content Management System.


“Print publications, newspapers and magazines and other media sources have time honored ways of looking at news,” according to CeliaSue Hecht. “This workshop will teach attendees what busy reporters and editors look for in a press release. Plus, each of the attendees will receive sample press releases and learn how to write press releases that get published.”

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own works in progress press releases and promotional materials for professional feedback. They will also have the opportunity to  network with one another and form alliances.

Participants will learn how to:

· Recognize and discern the difference between advertising and publicity.

·Ascertain what is considered newsworthy with examples

· Pitch a hook and angle.

· Write a press release in the standard format, including the correct inverted pyramid style that journalists utilize to write articles.

· Distribute a press release via free or paid online outlets as well as other methods.

· Use effective keywords and tags for online press release distribution.

PR on a Shoestring Budget

So you’ve started a new business or have an existing business and want the world to know? But, can you afford to do PR/marketing?

Discover how public relations (PR) can assist you in growing your business, expand your bottom line and distinguish your business from the competition even on a shoestring budget. No matter what your business, PR is an organization’s most powerful marketing tool in this economy. Learn how to increase your perceived worth, and the worth of your company, in the eyes of your customers, clients and industry — all with an effective PR campaign. In this workshop, you will learn:

• The difference between Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations

• How to Write Press Releases that Get Published

• How to Create an Impressive Press Kit from Scratch

• How to Develop Media Savvy (how to talk to inquiring reporters)

• PLUS, Expert Tips on Creating an Elevator Speech, Hiring a P.R. Firm, Networking for Profits and much more


Publishing a Book: Turning Your Expertise Into Gold!


Do you have an interesting or unique life story? Are you looking for ways to increase your visibility, expand your credibility and enhance your image as an entrepreneur or businessperson?


Why not take your knowledge and turn it into a money-making book?


Maybe you’re an expert on weight loss or saving money on your taxes. Or perhaps you’ve traveled extensively through Texas and could write a traveler’s guide. Whatever your knowledge, and whatever the topic, one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise is to write a book!  And writing a book is a great way to promote your business !


If you’ve ever dreamed about writing a book, but thought you lacked the time, tools or training to get published or the confidence to give it a try … stop making excuses! You’ve just found a workshop that will help you get started (even if you hate to write)!


In this workshop you will learn how to:


• Find a topic for your book and start writing

• Locate an agent and/or book publisher

• Write an effective query letter

• Plus, book proposals, self-publishing and more



If you and your team would like a customized presentation, please call CeliaSue Hecht at 702-225-8206 to schedule a time. Can be done on site in the Monterey Bay area, online and/or via phone.

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